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Tradition Golf

Golf With History
Extensive course changes have created a positive buzz in the golf community near Hartford and New Haven. Enhancements to Wallingford's course, together with the new club management's commitment to customer service has brought back longtime guests and attracted new members.

The Course
When Roger Rulewich, former chief architect for Robert Trent Jones, Sr., renovated The Tradition at Wallingford, he sought to make the course more playable while preserving the course's reputation with shotmakers. Rulewich pleased shotmakers and casual players alike by resculpting the greens, widening the fairways, rough, and tree-lined areas, and adding a continuous cart path.

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Work deadlines, kids' soccer practice, lawn mowing. It may seem that the entire world is trying to keep you from the golf course. We understand. So, once you've made it to our course, we will make it as easy as possible for you to play - and have a great golf experience. When you arrive at the curb of the clubhouse, you will be homefree.

At The Tradition at Wallingford, an attendant at the clubhouse curb greets you with a warm hello, asks your name, and unloads your bag of clubs. A starter guides you to the first tee with a smile. A course monitor checks in with you on the fairway to see that you are satisfied. A waitperson in the dining room refills your water glass without being asked. And, finally, a curbside attendant remembers your name as he wipes your clubs and puts them in the trunk of your car.
At The Tradition at Wallingford, you might feel as if you are getting special service. In fact, the service here is special.

18 Holes of Golf


New improvements can be seen at The Tradition Golf Club. On the surface, the appearance was improved through various enhancements. This has attracted many in New Haven and Hartford counties to come to our facilities – including many new members. Under new management, the club has increased its customer service and its attention to the needs of our customers. Come by our golf course today to play a round after work – by yourself or with a group. Play our 18 holes at your leisure, but, if you’re interested in coming regularly, we have passes and book appointments online.